Friday, March 19, 2010

What I've been up to lately - a.k.a. what's in my Etsy store

Just popping in to post a few pics. These are some items that I have made recently. They're a little better than the items I first began stamping. The lettering is straighter, and at least in my humble opinion the designs are beginning to get a little more interesting. Also, more as a reminder to myself, I have a few new items I plan on posting to Etsy tomorrow. I will do my best to remember to post pics of them here as well.

I'm especially excited that I was able to make a custom necklace for my mother's step-granddaughter Alexis. It was a pain to make (I broke the first rule of metalworking: Never put a mark on the metal that you don't want there). The sterling silver had a few scratches on the surface, so I used a piece of sandpaper, but accidentally used 220 grit sandpaper instead of 440. It left little scratches all over the metal! All I could do was to sand the whole piece equally, then tumble it in my polisher. I usually tumble the pieces for about two hours, but had to leave this pendant in for twice as long. At least it turned out nice and shiny in the end, thankfully!

Oh, and lest I forget to mention: My jeweler's saw has arrived! YAY! I have already used it to cut a few squares from a sheet of nickel silver. I used them to make my "He loves me, he loves me not" pendant necklace. It's a cute little item, and I'm posting a pic of it here along with a few others. Now all that is left to be delivered are my flux and solder, and the most important piece of all: a charcoal block. This will allow me to finally use my torch to fuse and braze the metal. (Brazing is just a fancy technical term for soldering fine metals such as sterling silver or gold). This, ladies and gentlemen, is the moment I have been waiting for. I'll let you know when it all arrives, of course!

These are all for sale in my Etsy store:

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