Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Enjoying a day away from the workbench

Not too much to post about right now. I have an order for six custom pendants that I will need to make later this week, but I am waiting for the materials to come in. I'm really looking forward to making these, because they are a fun design requested by a very nice couple. I'm also excited because two of their pendants require a special set of font stamps that I have been wanting an excuse to buy, so I went ahead and bought them. So be on the lookout for a cool typewriter font in my store, woo-hoo!

I'm also designing a pendant for my mom-in-law with the six names of her grand kids and their birthstones. I will post pics of that as soon as it is done.

Oh, and I have a new design idea that I will be developing over the next week (maybe after my new stamps come in). It's a name pendant that I think has a cool look to it. I have a rough draft that I made into a pendant for Caoimhe but I'm not ready to take pics just yet. It needs to be "prettied-up" a bit more. I may also need to buy a new stamp to get the look I want (another perfect excuse, right? lol).

I'll update more later, thanks for reading!

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